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You are currently viewing 2019 BOL D’OR: RESULTS

Despite some rainy weather, the Bol d’Or was a huge success with 62,000 spectators.

The Bol d’Or

This stage of the championship was very emotional! Rain, fire, falls, retirements, last-minute changes in rankings… all elements that give a foretaste of the 2019-2020 EWC season. The overall ranking of the Bol d’Or is in line with the race: unexpected!

  1. Suzuki Endurance Racing Team
  2. Wojcik Racing team
  3. BMW Motorrad World Endurance Team
Full ranking on this link The teams equipped with Beringer brakes also achieved good results:

  • 1st Kawasaki in EWC
  • Overall ranking: 7th
  • EWC ranking: 6th
  • EWC Dunlop independent trophy ranking: 3rd

Team Bolliger 

  • 2nd Kawasaki in EWC
  • Overall ranking: 15th
  • EWC ranking: 10th

Mototech EWC 

  • Overall ranking: 16th
  • EWC ranking: 11th
  • EWC Dunlop independent trophy ranking: 8th

Rac 41

  • 1st Honda in SST
  • 2nd Honda in the overall ranking
  • Overall ranking: 21st
  • SST ranking: 9th
  • EWC Dunlop independent trophy ranking: 11th

FSB Matt Racing 

  • Overall ranking: 31st
  • EWC ranking: 15th
  • EWC Dunlop independent trophy ranking: 16th

Unfortunately the race also had its share of retirements among the teams equipped with Beringer: Space Moto 37 and Motobox Kremer. See you Saturday, December 14 in Malaysia for the 8 hours of Sepang.

The Classic Bol d’Or

This race has become a must for lovers of so-called classic motorcycles (between 1960 and 1983).  This year, 66 teams took the starting line and only 45 teams ranked at the end of the two-day race. Of these teams, 15 are equipped with Beringer brakes! The general ranking  1. Moto90 Eisen Bis  2. Jam racing Team   3. Hampe Racing Team 11 9. Nocki-Classic Team   10. Team 155   11. Suzuki Racing Team Classic 13. Phase One   16. Scuderia l’effetpei.re30. Scuderia Moto  38. Moto Revue Classic  43. MRL Moto Racing   45. Beringer  Whether at the Bol d’Or or the Bol Classic, withdrawals are also present: Hampe Racing Team 14 (19th in the tests), Moto90 Eisen (2nd in the tests), Marine Tech (32nd in the tests), Poweracing (5th in the tests and 1st in the Classic category)

The Bol d’argent

On the starting grid of the 16th edition of the Bol d’argent was registered 69 crews, only 47 qualified! The ranking: 1. UL’team Bike 2. Motofeeling 74 3. Team orthosteph triumph la Rochelle 4. Diabolik Endurance 5. TS Motolabo 38 team