No ! Our products are installed in place of the existing one, there are no modifications to be made. 

If you are a private individual, you can find the list of all our distributors on this page. If you are a professional, you can send an email to contact@beringer-brakes.com

Depending on your use, we recommend the stainless steel rotor for daily use and the cast iron rotor for a more sporty use. 

No, you can easily change the parts separately: bush, hub, disc. 

In order to be able to choose the best adapted brake pads according to your needs, please refer to the table opposite.

Don’t use any other type of brake fluid, the master cylinder and caliper seals may wear prematurely.

No! you can change only one element (master cylinder, caliper or disc) to feel a difference in braking. However, it will not perform as well as a complete kit.

Lever 2 (14cm) and 3 (14,5cm): For racing motorcycles and quads with twist grips

Lever 4 (20cm) and 5 (16cm): For road, sportbike and quad with trigger.

Of course! Our calipers are suitable for motorcycles with and without ABS.

We have 12 anodizing colors to choose from: Red (standard), Blue, Gold, Green, Orange, Purple, Black, Titanium, Silver, Hard nickel, Polished and Chrome.