The Beringer story began in 1985 in Châtelneuf when Gilbert Beringer, a fan and driver of road rally sidecars, decided to manufacture a range of wheels and swing forks for his vehicles.

Transformation into a SARL and complete fabrication of its own side-cars on several motorbikes: GUZZI, DUCATI, YAMAHA, HONDA, BMW and TRIUMPH.

Facing the monopoly of Brembo (Italy) in the global market of motorcycles braking systems, of stock replacement and competition, BERINGER started to make cast iron discs.
Testing and tuning were conducted in collaboration with the CETIM of Saint-Etienne. 

Involvement in Side-cars Rally with two titles of France Champion in 1990 (Jean Michel MEURET and Patrick CHUTAUX) and 1991 (Véronique and Gilbert BERINGER)

Gilbert Beringer decided to take over the sidecar business in 1993 in order to concentrate on the technical and commercial development of braking systems. Brake discs are then declined on most motorcycles with a range of calipers. 

 Development of a study branch and of prototypes of discs for all the vehicles (eg cycles, mopeds, high end and competition automobiles…). 

The company evolves again to become an SA with a capital of 250 000F. 

In collaboration with the company Carbone Industrie, Beringer carries out the study and manufacture of brake calipers for Formula 1 and Ferrari and Prost Grand Prix teams during 3 seasons. 

Strong of its success in the motorcycle world and particularly in competition, the company decides to develop a range of high end and competition car calipers.

At the beginning of the 2000s, the activity was expanded with the study of a range of wheels and brakes for aviation. The Beringer family, passionate about airplanes, decided to build their own plane. It will be the first flying machine equipped with Beringer brakes. 

The results are envious but it’s only in 2005 that the activity really begins with the signature of a contract with the company Lange Aviation, German manufacturer of electric gliders, for the distribution of Beringer products.   

In the same year, the range of brakes was extended to trial bikes and mountain bikes with the bike manufacturer KOXX, but also to quads. The bike business doesn’t take off and is quickly stopped.

In July 2009, Gilbert Beringer decided to sell the « land » business (Beringer Brakes) to devote himself entirely to aviation (Beringer Aero). 

Few months after the separation of the activities, Beringer Brakes move to a new 1500m² factory in Saint Jean d’Ardières (Rhône, France)

The will of the new management is to internalize the activity. In 2010, the company acquired a laser machine and a few months later, a machining centre. In order to be as autonomous as possible, an anodizing line is installed in spring 2013. From then on, the company is almost completely autonomous, only the chrome and polished finishes are so far carried out by an external company. 


We control perfectly the quality to ensure full security for users of its brakes. Various quality certifications can attest: ISO 9001, UTAC, TÜV

For BERINGER ® there is no difference between the parts to the general public and those for racing drivers. BERINGER ® brakes are designed to withstand the rigors of competition. Therefore, you get technological advances constantly applied to the products you purchase.