A new rear brake… with a finger

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On the track, the rear brake is heavily used by the rider, whether amateur or professional, and the degree of angle used in the turns prevents the rider from braking effectively with his foot. This is why more and more riders are opting to a rear braking on the handlebars.
For several years we have been offering a thumb brake system that has proven its effectiveness!

At the beginning of this year 2022, we present you the new rear finger brake system (index finger). This new 1-finger lever is combined with a cable clutch control located in the lower position. The original inclination of the clutch control has been modified by 20° to not touch the fork tube and to obtain a natural action position (engagement, disengagement).

For the moment, the braking system exists only with a Ø12,7mm piston but other versions can be imagined to answer a wider demand.

This brake is initially porposed exclusively for sport bikes equipped with a cable clutch control.