2023 – 24h SPA

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The second round of the Endurance World Championship took place this weekend on the SPA Francorchamps track in Belgium. Of the 36 starting teams (16 EWC – 20 SST), only 23 were able to reach the finishing line after 24 hours of racing. YART’s Yamaha #77 won the race after 14 years without a victory! Honda #1 and BMW #37 completed the podium. And for the Beringer-equipped teams, the race was a lively affair!

Tati Team Beringer Racing

After a second-place finish in 2022, the 2023 edition wasn’t as expected for the Tati team. After a good qualifying session, the Kawasaki took 8th place on the starting grid. The chequered flag drops, the riders ran, but the bike doesn’t start. This was followed by a series of technical problems: withe the water radiator, electronic problems, gearbox changes, etc. The bike fell in the rankings in the first few hours, but the excellent work of the riders and mechanics enabled the bike to finish the race 17th overall and 9th in the EWC category.

Motobox Kremer

It was a great race for Yamaha #65! After good practice, the bike started in P27.

Consistent running by the riders and fast, efficient refuelling by the mechanics saw the bike climb up the rankings: 17th after 6 hours of racing, 15th after 18 hours of racing. The bike finally crossed the chequered flag in 13th place overall and 8th in the EWC category.

Mana-au compétition

It was a great challenge for the team, which is in its first season in the EWC category. Two of their 3 riders were new to the Belgian circuit, but testing over the previous few days enabled them to quickly get to grips with it. Despite starting in 33rd position, the bike climbed hour by hour up the rankings to 16th place after 22 hours of racing. Unfortunately, just as at the Le Mans 24h, an engine failure forced them to retire 1 hour before the end of the race.

Team Bolliger

Despite three crashes in practice, the bike finished 12th at the start of the race. Like Tati Team’s Kawasaki #4, the bike was plagued by technical problems from the start of the race. From 12th place, it dropped to 21st after 6 hours of racing. A position it would hold until 18 hours into the race. But a crash 6 hours before the finish forced them to retire.


Temporary ranking

1. Yart Yamaha Official Team

2. F.C.C TSR Honda France

3. BMW Motorrad world endurance team


7. Tati Team Beringer Racing


9. Motobox Kremer Racing


15. Team Bolliger Switzerland